Stop Build Day has come and goneā€¦.

And our robot has been finished.

Introducing Hurrier!

The Hurrier

This is our robot, complete with intake, a gear handler made out of PolyCarbonate, a shooter with help from Team 95, and a climber!

After 6 weeks, we have produced this small, but elegant machine.

Our model is made out of Solidworks 2017 with the help of our CAD mentor, Mr. Best! For our robot reveal video, click this link.

Our code is still being refined to perfection! We have started to work on getting vision for the high boiler, refining values for our LIDAR sensor into something we can utilize, and controlling the shooter so we can accurately shoot and score. We also are finalizing our LED code so we can signal the driver if they are too far off in one direction on the gear peg or boiler.

Still more updates to come!