First Power Up Logo

With the 2018 build season nearing, the programming team looks ahead to the future.

Here are a few of our goals for the 2018 season:

  • Educate all of our rookie members in the ways of Java and Python, as well as general programming concepts.
  • Fine tune our autonomous code.
  • Strengthen our vision processing program, punkvision.
  • Create distributable images and instructions so that other FRC teams can use our programs and techniques to accelerate their vision processing.
  • Collaborate with other robotics teams to create a neural network for our vision processing We have been diligently learning to use the excellent Python 3 port of the FRC Robot coding platform.

In other news, we have won our first competition as a team ever, the Tennessee Robo Rodeo! We are so greatful to our fellow alliance members: Team 2393, the Robotichauns and Team 4630, the RoboDragons!

Also, check out our 8-bit themed favicon!

In addition to this, the FIRST 2018 Teaser Video was dropped a couple of weeks ago for 2018’s game: FIRST Power Up! Based on the name, logo, and theme of the video, we can generally say that this game will center around old, arcade style games. There are two prevailing theories. The first is that since the actor walks down steps, ramps in arcade games were just steps, and that Dean Kamen has produced a stair-climbing robot all seem to point to the idea that we will have to climb stairs in our game. I do not know how the field could support something this size. One cool idea would be to create the Penrose Staircase and have our robot drive along it. The other theory is that since the actor puts a coin into the machine, we will have to put coin-like objects into slots to “power up” the machine to start the “game”. I would love a combination of these ideas, but I guess we will have to wait and see.